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that we can co-create or modify a model that fits for your company. There are multiple avenues to engage in a Corporate Partnership with SVP MN. From short-term employee engagement projects to multi-year partnerships with selected Investees (see Case Statements below). If you are interested in exploring which model would be most appropriate for your company and employees, please contact us at [email protected].


A Corporate Partnership with SVP MN can be co-created that will suit your company’s needs.  We have had success with short-term employee engagement opportunities on a specific project area, or Corporate Partnerships that select up to 10 employees who commit to volunteering their professional skills to be a part of an Investee Impact Team.  We are open to discussing other mutually beneficial ways to engage in a Corporate Partnership. Contact us at [email protected]

Philanthropic Partners vet, select and work directly with an Investee.  SVP will provide your employee Impact Team with coaching and best practices to implement the SVP model. Your employees’ Impact Team will also become full SVP Partners and thus eligible to attend exclusive SVP Partner events and workshops.

Do you believe in what we do? SVP MN actively seeks funding and partnerships from local and national foundations, and other philanthropic organizations that are aligned with our core values and can help us further our mission.  We also believe in a Trust-Based Philanthropy model, so if you want to learn more about how we can collectively amplify our impact, contact Deb Salls @ [email protected]

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If your company is interested in exploring at partnership with SVP as a way to effectively engage your employees with hands-on, collaborative consultancy projects, please contact Deb Salls.

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